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The Link Commissary

The Link Commissary

The Link Commissary Pricing Details

The Link Commissary offers a straightforward flat monthly rate with optional packages tailored to meet your specific needs.

The Link Commissary


Colorado Springs


The Link Commissary Amenity Details

The Link Commissary provides a comprehensive range of amenities, including ample prep space, dry storage, walk-in fridge and freezer space, double convection ovens, conventional ovens, a 6-burner range, 36” broiler, 24” flat top, deep fryer, automatic dishwasher, 3-compartment sink, cooking utensils, ice, pots and pans, and catering supplies. The facility ensures security with 24-hour surveillance, offers food truck parking with plug-in power (available from June 2022), grants 24-hour access, and manages trash and grease disposal. Utilities and wifi are also included, making it a well-equipped and convenient space for food industry professionals.

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