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CLICK Willimantic commercial kitchen

CLICK Willimantic commercial kitchen

CLICK Willimantic commercial kitchen Pricing Details

The pricing for CLICK Willimantic commercial kitchen is flexible and dependent on the type of business and the number of hours required. This adaptable pricing structure allows businesses to tailor their costs based on their specific needs and usage patterns within the commercial kitchen space. For detailed pricing information, businesses are encouraged to contact CLICK Willimantic directly to discuss their requirements and determine a customized pricing plan that suits their individual circumstances.

CLICK Willimantic commercial kitchen




CLICK Willimantic commercial kitchen Amenity Details

The CLICK Willimantic commercial kitchen, spanning 400 sq ft, is an ideal space for catering, jam, sauce, and jelly making, as well as medium-scale food production. It features a comprehensive set of equipment, including a 12-burner gas range, steam jacket kettle, tilt skillet, prep tables, and a 12-ft hood with an Ansul system. Operating on cooperative values, it promotes local economic development by providing affordable kitchen space to small food businesses and offers additional amenities such as a teaching kitchen, 24/7 access, parking, Wi-Fi, demo kitchen, event space, and food truck-friendly facilities, along with business consulting and storage options, making it a hub for culinary activities and education.

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