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Commercial Kitchen 24

Commercial Kitchen 24

Commercial Kitchen 24 Pricing Details

Commercial Kitchen 24 offers kitchen rates starting at $30 per hour, encompassing all essential amenities such as equipment usage, electric, gas, and water.

Commercial Kitchen 24




Commercial Kitchen 24 Amenity Details

Commercial Kitchen 24 goes beyond offering commercial kitchens for rent, providing a comprehensive solution for culinary entrepreneurs at every stage of their business journey. Their facility offers clean and licensed commercial kitchens equipped with working tools, secured storage space for dry, chilled, and frozen goods, and 24/7 access with individual Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) for convenience. Additionally, proprietors can benefit from reservable office and conference spaces, Wi-Fi access, and a convenient location, ensuring that whether a business is in its infancy or already established, Commercial Kitchen 24 can provide the necessary facilities, tools, and knowledge for success.

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