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Culinary Community Kitchen

Culinary Community Kitchen

Culinary Community Kitchen Pricing Details

Culinary Community Kitchen offers a membership plan that provides members with priority scheduling and discounted hourly rates. This allows culinary professionals to access the kitchen facilities with greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness. For detailed information on membership pricing, specific hourly rates, and the benefits included in the membership plan, it is recommended to contact Culinary Community Kitchen directly.

Culinary Community Kitchen




Culinary Community Kitchen Amenity Details

Culinary Community Kitchen (CCK) serves as a versatile commissary kitchen facility, offering short or long-term leases to the professional culinary community to foster business growth and incubate small concepts. Additionally, CCK provides a separate demo kitchen for the general public to participate in continuing education classes centered around food and community. The fully-equipped kitchen features essential tools such as a range, commercial oven, convection oven, rack oven, fryer, mixer, proofer, food processor, food mixer, charbroiler, and prep tables, while services like incubation, co-packing, cold storage, business consulting, distribution support, dry storage, and freezer storage are available. CCK's features include WiFi, vegan-friendly facilities, 24/7 access, food truck friendliness, a teaching kitchen, demo kitchen, parking, and temperature control, creating a comprehensive environment for culinary professionals and community engagement.

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