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Herbaceous Catering Kitchen

Herbaceous Catering Kitchen

Herbaceous Catering Kitchen Pricing Details

Herbaceous Catering Kitchen offers its culinary space at a rate of $35 per hour, with additional costs applicable for dry and cold storage.

Herbaceous Catering Kitchen




Herbaceous Catering Kitchen Amenity Details

Herbaceous Catering Kitchen boasts a well-equipped culinary space featuring 12 burners, a flat top, a standing double convection oven, and a reach-in convection/oven. The kitchen provides ample tables and spacious areas for efficient movement, along with refrigeration storage and dry storage options. In addition to its cooking facilities, Herbaceous Catering Kitchen offers extra services like cold storage and dry storage. The facility stands out with features such as 24/7 access, a teaching kitchen, demo kitchen, parking, temperature control, WiFi, and food truck-friendly amenities. This comprehensive setup is designed to meet the diverse needs of culinary professionals, providing a versatile and accommodating environment for various culinary activities, from catering and food preparation to client tastings and cooking lessons.

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