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Moonbeam Kitchen

Moonbeam Kitchen

Moonbeam Kitchen Pricing Details

Moonbeam Kitchen offers tiered pricing tailored to your hourly needs, providing flexibility for culinary professionals in Austin. With rates ranging from $15 to $18 per hour, this pricing structure ensures affordability and adaptability for a diverse range of food startups, including ghost kitchens, bakers, and CPG producers. Moonbeam Kitchen fosters a supportive community space with clean and organized facilities for local entrepreneurs to create high-quality food products.

Moonbeam Kitchen




Moonbeam Kitchen Amenity Details

Moonbeam Kitchen allocates 2,000 square feet for creating some of Austin's finest food products. Designed for local food startups, including ghost kitchens, bakers, and CPG producers, the kitchen is committed to maintaining a clean, organized, and friendly community space. The fully-equipped kitchen features essential tools such as a range, induction cooktop, commercial oven, convection oven, rack oven, fryer, mixer, griddle, vertical cutter/mix, food processor, food slicer, charbroiler, ice cream maker, and prep tables. Additional services offered include dry storage, cold storage, co-packing, distribution support, business consulting, and freezer storage, fostering a supportive environment for culinary entrepreneurs.

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