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Salt Road Food Hub

Salt Road Food Hub

Salt Road Food Hub Pricing Details

Salt Road Food Hub offers flexible pricing options for its kitchen facilities. Users can opt for an 8-hour shift at $250, providing an extended period for culinary activities. Alternatively, hourly rates are available at $35 for full kitchen use and $15 for prep-only use, accommodating varying needs and usage preferences.

Salt Road Food Hub



New Jersey

Salt Road Food Hub Amenity Details

Salt Road Food Hub have a 10,000 square foot facility with 3,000 square feet of production space, a large walk-in cooler, walk-in freezer and a climate controlled warehouse. Our facility has, in addition to the usual accessories such as sinks and tables, a Revent automated double rack oven, a large Hobart mixer, a 44 quart Robot Coup and 23 quart Robot Coupe, a 40 quart steam kettle, tilt skillets, piston fillers, convection ovens, packaging equipment (such as vibratory pouch filler) and more.

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