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SEEK Rental Kitchen

SEEK Rental Kitchen

SEEK Rental Kitchen Pricing Details

SEEK Rental Kitchen Prices start at $25/hour. 5 hour shift minimum, 3 hour off peak. $25/hr flat rate. $300 annual membership fee. $500 security deposit.

SEEK Rental Kitchen




SEEK Rental Kitchen Amenity Details

SEEK Rental Kitchen, facilitated by the Center for Food Equity and Economic Development (FEED), stands as the most affordable commercial kitchen space in the Greater Bridgeport area, offering competitive rates to bring food business dreams to life. This 24/7 accessible kitchen provides additional services for an extra fee, including dry storage, freezer space, and access to licensed staff. With a range of equipment such as ovens, fryers, mixers, and prep tables, along with business consulting services, SEEK Rental Kitchen is a comprehensive resource for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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